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Business and Community Lenders of Texas is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Texans through asset-building and job creation. We are committed to providing valuable, customized solutions and comprehensive service to every customer.

Small businesses create jobs.

The mission of BCL of Texas is to help them to do so by providing business coaching services, including education, access to capital, and personalized coaching.

Whether your business is a fully functioning firm, a plucky start-up, or still just a million-dollar idea, let our business coaches help you take it to the next level.

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Access to capital continues to be one of the biggest barriers to the growth of small businesses.

BCL of Texas maintains and continues to grow its pool of available funds for commercial real estate, community loan funds and small business loans for businesses in all stages of growth.

If your business is growing and shows the promise of creating a positive impact on your community, our loan officers can assist you.

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Commercial real estate investment is a solid choice for a growing business needing a stable location.

BCL of Texas has been assisting busy entrepreneurs to obtain low interest rate financing through the SBA 504 commercial real estate program for over 22 years. Our 100% approval rate speaks for itself.

With some of the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen, now is the time to build, buy or refinance your dream spot.

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BCL of Texas believes in the ability of the empowered individual to create lasting change in their community.

We assist Texans to achieve their goals of homeownership and asset-building by providing education, counseling, and resource information.

Our customers are knowledgeable, confident, and contribute to the community by creating opportunities for their children and by building strong values that resonate through future generations.

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